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Well, the Atlanta trip went well.  The Monster Energy Supercross was great!  Pretty awesome racing and I was glad to see James Stewart win it.  The worst part of the whole trip was getting out of the Georgia Dome parking lot!  When I finally got out of the parking deck, They had my street, which I was supposed to turn onto to get back to I-85, blocked!  So, about 1,000 of my fellow race fans took a little detour through downtown Atlanta to get back to the interstate.  All week I had my heart set on eating at Pappadeaux’s and having that Crawfish Platter!  That idea went down in flames…it was 12:30 am, when I got to my hotel.  The worst part is that I had made my reservation at a hotel not even 50 yards from the restaurant!!  I asked the attendant at the front desk if there was anywhere I could get something to eat at that time in the morning, his answer…”Waffle House”.  Oh well, I am always up for breakfast.  I went back to my room and stayed up WAY too late editing photos, so it was a brutal drive home on Sunday!  I was pretty pleased with the results of my shoot on Saturday night though…check out the slideshow below.  Next major event: SEC Basketball Championships in Nashville, TN in March….Can’t wait!



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Dust, racing fuel and SX...Supercross that is!  

Man, is 2013 flying by or what?  We are already through the opening weekend of baseball!  What a weekend it was at South Alabama.  I covered some of the USA Mardi Gras Softball Invitational Tournament, by the way, the girls of South Alabama went 5-0…..NBD! Ha, just kidding, congrats to the softball team, love to watch those ladies play!  The Baseball team swept Stephen F Austin, to open the season 3-0, a great start for both sports.  On another note, I am so looking forward to shooting the Monster Energy Supercross in Atlanta this weekend!  Motocross is exciting enough, but when you put the best riders in the world on an indoor track, it’s a whole new level of awesome!  I am ready to hear those engines scream and smell the racing fuel in the air.  I think I’ll take ALL my memory cards and as I always say, “Hold down that shutter button til she smokes, or I run out of space on the card, whichever comes first!”  Stay tuned for pics from ATL.  I will leave you this time, with some of the action from this past weekend.


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New Adventure for XPFX  


Hello everyone!  Hope you are all having a good week.  I took a little time off, away from the cameras last week.  On Saturday, I just hung around the house, but I am ready to get back to it this week!  Women’s Basketball on Thursday at USA, on Saturday, Southern Miss Men’s Basketball takes on Memphis in Hattiesburg.  It will be the “Whiteout” game, can’t wait, should be a thriller!  Southern Miss, as of this posting, is 18-4 overall and 7-0 in CUSA play, with an 8 game home winning streak!  I’m thinking Reed-Green will be packed.  As for the new adventure, I found out today that I will be shooting the SEC Basketball Championships in Nashville, TN in March for MS Sports Magazine and ICON SMI!  Really looking forward to that!  Possibly shooting another big event here in a few weeks, but not sure yet.  Stay tuned to see the results of these events and I will leave you with something a little different this time.  This is a picture I took last spring as I was visiting the Southern Miss campus.  It is the Administration Bldg. at USM.  Thanks to my friend, Joe Paul, at USM for reposting this image on his Facebook Page!  If you like it and are interesting in purchasing, please click on the link underneath the photo.  It is offered in several sizes and is printed on a metallic paper, which gives it almost a 3-D effect!   Enjoy.



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On to Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Soccer!  

Well, sadly, another football season has come and gone.  I was able to wrap up the 2012-13 season by shooting the Senior Bowl, in Mobile over the weekend.  Now, we move on to the remainder of the basketball season, of which, there is plenty of action left!  I will be busy with spring sports of baseball, softball, even a little track and field this year!  I was able to shoot Team and Individual photos for the University of South Alabama Baseball Team last week.  Right off the bat, I was not paying attention and the wind blew over one of my light stands, which happened to have one of my Alien Bees flash units atop it with a reflector…when it hit the ground, I lost a bulb and bent up my umbrella type reflector, but I was happy with such a minor loss!!  I learned that the bulb I broke, the modeling lamp, is nothing more than a common 100 watt incandescent bulb, and here I was, thinking it would be some specialty bulb, which could only be ordered from the warehouse, where the rarest bulbs are kept, in an environmentally controlled vault!  In case y’all were counting, this is the 4th installment of my blog and 2013 is 4 weeks old….Sometimes I surprise even myself!  Well, I must get back to editing and such, so I will leave you with some photos from the past week!  



_P2_4796 ICON SMI Gallery -

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Farewell Football....Hello Baseball!!  

Well, here we are, week 3 of my blog and all is well!  I had a good week last week.  Covered two South Alabama Basketball Games, Winter Jam and the Raycom College All Stars Classic in Montgomery.  This week, I will wrap up my football season for the 2012-13 season with the Senior Bowl, on Saturday.  On to Basketball, baseball and softball….all at the same time!  I love this busy time of the year.  I’ll leave you with some slideshows of images from last week…











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OK, second post  

Well, my blog has lasted a week now!  I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.  I was able to do a little hunting over the holidays….with no luck, but that’s ok, some of my best, most relaxing days have been in the woods.  I also got to spend some time with the parents up in Moselle and enjoyed momma’s home cookin’!  I got to cover the BBVA Compass Bowl, up at Legion Field in Birmingham.  It was good to see Ole Miss win the game.  I believe that good days lay ahead for Hugh Freeze and his team.  So, next up, I get to shoot Winter Jam Tour 2013 Sunday, when they come to Mitchell Center, in Mobile.  As far as the rest of January, I have the Raycom College Allstar Game in Montgomery on the 19th, then the Senior Bowl on the 26th.  It’s kinda sad that football is almost over for this season, but looking forward to a better year for Ole Miss and Southern Miss in 2013!  I will leave you with a photo of the BBVA Compass Bowl MVP and a link to the photo gallery …’til next time, have a good ‘un.



CGR20130105_271_Compass Bowl_Ole Miss_v_Pitt



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Hey, 2013, Here I am! Well, here I go, starting something I said I wouldn't do...a blog!  Haha, we'll see how long this lasts.  2012 was a good year for me.  In many ways, I really stepped up my photography.  I signed on with ICON SMI (ICON Sports Media, Inc.).  They are a stock agency who market your photos.  I got some good exposure there and will continue in 2013.  There were some setbacks, equipment problems mostly, nothing major, but anyone in the photo biz knows that there is no such thing as a cheap fix for the equipment we use!  I upgraded my membership at CPS (Canon Professional Services) to the Platinum level, also the most expensive, coming in at a cool $500 per year!  Believe me though, it was worth it...paid  for itself a couple times over.   Coming up for me, I have the 2013 BBVA Compass Bowl, featuring Ole Miss vs Pitt, on Saturday, January 5, in Birmingham.  Later in January, I will be shooting the Senior Bowl FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) rally and the Senior Bowl game, as well as WinterJam Tour 2013, in Mobile.  I want to turn it up a notch in 2013!  Stay tuned for updates...Oh yeah, from last week's 2012 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, one of my favorites..

East Carolina_v_ULL_ 2012-195

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